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Dix Group is a renowned defense contractor specializing in cutting-edge military technology and solutions, consistently delivering innovation to bolster national security. With a rich history of excellence spanning decades, Dix Group remains a trusted partner in safeguarding the nation’s defense interests.

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Dix Group, owner and operator of Dix Defense, SSI (Safety & Security International), and CAG (Custom Armor Group), is a renowned defense contractor with a strong legacy in providing cutting-edge military technology and solutions to enhance national security. Our dedicated teams of engineers, designers, and technical specialists focus on crafting innovative and dependable products that consistently outshine the competition. From state-of-the-art weaponry and communication systems to advanced surveillance and intelligence solutions, Dix Group leads the way in defense innovation. Leveraging decades of experience and a deep understanding of modern military challenges, we continue to be the preferred choice for safeguarding our nation’s defense interests. With a history of excellence and an unwavering commitment to improvement, Dix Group is poised to address evolving customer demands and contribute to a safer, more stable world.

Dix Defense

Dix Defense provides agile manufacturer representation services tailored to the distinct and ever-changing Defense industry.


Safety and Security International (SSI) is an industry leader within the operational, safety and integrated equipment markets.

Armor Group

Custom Armor Group is a leading manufacturer and distributor of military and law enforcement-grade body armor products.

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