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Dix Group is comprised of companies that lead in their respective category in the Defense and Public Safety markets. Dix Group’s first company, Dix Enterprises morphed from a small regional representation group for state and local markets, to Dix Defense, one of the largest representation groups in the nation focused on DOD, DOS, and Federal agencies while still maintaining historical relationships with state and local governments and agencies. As sales grew for Dix Defense represented companies, the need for high value, lower cost personal ballistic protection became evident. Working with our current represented manufacturer’s Custom Armor Group. Utilizing trusted relationships already established- CAG met the need to prototype, manufacture, and distribute these products. Additionally, CAG was able to leverage existing manufacturing and volume discounts to keep quality high, and costs low. This combination has allowed for solid, sustainable growth with surge capacity across all ballistic specialties, (soft armor, hard armor, helmets, and shields). Additionally, Dix Group saw a large void for DOD specific rapid acquisition, and contract specialists. Safety and Security International was formed to meet just this need. SSI has met the need for DOD rapid acquisition by sustained contracting excellence while adding value to solutions that fit into specific contractual scopes. SSI sees strong growth continuing as world events continue to dictate the need to supply and resupply armed services to protect the United States and its allies.

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